Premium Social Media Marketing Package


I’m glad your here.  The most important thing I can do to help you, is to create a vibrant, functional, consistent and interactive brand identity on the web.  I have developed a Premium Social Media Presence Package for $977.00.

Not everyone realizes how each component of social media ties into the other.  Your website, blog, social media accounts, and email marketing campaign must all work together.  If they don’t, you are losing potential clients because they hit dead ends.  They must be able to flow through your individual online tools with ease.  It is my job to help make the connection between you and potential clients quick and smooth.

Let’ me help you build and maintain your social media presence.  Here is what I can do for you in three steps:

  • Analyze your current online presence and develop a strategic social media marketing plan for you.
  • Summarize the steps that are needed to put the plan into action.
  • Create a social media marketing maintenance plan.

I am hoping your here because you already realize that creating a social media presence and online brand is important.  I don’t want to fill my website with boring content trying to convince you of that. Instead please contact me for a consultation.  I will ask you some questions and get some basic information from you.  Then I will send you a free brief proposal with recommendations. From there we can proceed to my formal offering which is a package of three strategic parts, Analysis, Action and Maintenance.

Time to complete all three steps of my social media marketing strategy package varies slightly depending on the client, the industry, and what is already in place.  I am offering a premium package price of $977.00.

This includes analysis of your current situation, a list of individual action steps with costs to implement the plan and finally a recommended maintenance plan with steps and individual costs.  This gives you the option to hire me to do it all or select individual items ala carte.

Please contact me to set up a consultation to begin.


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