Social Media Presence








Pinterest Account Set-up 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • 10 pin boards “your interest/product/service related” – 50 pins in each board.

 Twitter Account Set-up 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Custom background and avatar
  • Three “interest/product/service related” tweets per day – 30 days

Facebook Page Set-up 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Completion of about, basic info, contact info
  • Custom timeline cover photo and profile photo
  • Promotion until 25 like minimum is met
  • Generate custom URL
  • One “interest/product/service related” post per day – 30 days
  • One “interest/product/service related” photo per day – 30 days
  • Find “interest/product/service related” Facebook pages, LIKE ten.

Tumblr Blog Set-up

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Generate custom URL
  • Installation of free theme
  • Title and description
  • Ten “interest/product/service related” posts per day – 30 days

You Tube Channel Set-up 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Establish your channel
  • Establish your playlists
  • Generate custom URL
  • Upload your videos
  • Add ten “interest/product/service related” videos
  • Find “interest/product/service related” videos and LIKE ten

Polyvore Set-up 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Ten brand sets with product links

XeeMe Set-up

XeeMe is a social media link dashboard.  It is a valuable networking tool, and can be included as part of your online signature. 

  • Includes initial account set-up
  • Profile completed
  • All social media network sites added

Social Media Site Maintenance

Creating quality posts according to the frequency that makes sense for your business is important, so that you create an effective presence with your social media.   This means maintaining each of your social media sites consistently and effectively.  If you are struggling to maintain an effective level of content, I can help.  Together we will develop a plan that is specifically suited to your needs.  Schedule a consultation, so that we can discuss and implement a plan for you.

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Blog
  • Digg
  • Linkedin
  • Nings
  • Etsy
  • You Tube


Pinterest Brand Board 

  • Includes one product/service related board added to your existing Pinterest account
  • 300 pins total including:  product images/logos, images, signs, and video relating to product/business theme

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